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Seabreeze Limited

Since 1980 Seabreeze Limited has been providing a unique assortment of products to boaters worldwide.
Recognized as the best-stocked nautical bookstore on the West Coast, Seabreeze also offers the complete catalog of NOAA and NGA navigation charts and publications, as well as charts from the Canadian Hydrograpic Service, the British Admiralty,
the French Hydrographic Service and also the Mexican Hydrographic Service. 
We are always searching for the most accurate, up-to-date navigation information available!

Seabreeze Chart Table

We carry navigation tools and charting software, study guides for US Coast Guard licenses, and cruising guides covering most of the world. For the non-cruising fleet we have how-to guides, what-is-it references, and adventure stories (true and fictional). Get an idea of what's inside the store in our virtual tour.

Our crew includes licensed captains, live-aboard boaters, and experienced cruisers. The atmosphere at Seabreeze is casual but the store's intent is serious: We want to make sure each boater gets the right stuff. Ultimately it's about keeping our friends safe - wherever their boats float - and helping them enjoy our favorite activity!

Where in the world are YOU going?